Explore the waters of Copenhagen

Copenhagen SUP

The clean waters of the Copenhagen canals sets the perfect scene to explore the beautiful city from a paddleboard!

We therefore encourage everybody who loves to paddle, to join our mass participation event, Copenhagen SUP, and experience the world championship long-distance course and the festive vibe of the Copenhagen Paddle Festival!

The Course

Our event will take place in the heart of Copenhagen, starting at the impressive Black Diamond. The course guides you through the beautiful canals of Christianshavn and past Christiansborg – the same course that the world championship athletes will compete on later in the day. If this sounds daunting, fear not! Because at Copenhagen SUP you can choose between three courses: "Easy Explore", "Fun Explore" and "Pro Explore" making the event fun for paddlers of all levels to participate in!

Am I skilled enough to join the race?

If you are wondering whether or not you have the skills needed to join the SUP race, Copenhagen SUP, rest assured! Though it is a frequently asked question, we want to reassure everybody that they are not only able but welcome to join Copenhagen SUP, regardless of their level of experience. This race is suitable to all people who own a SUP board and have taken it for a spin a few times.

Or looking to rent a board?

We have teamed up with Mindzone

When you sign up for Copenhagen SUP, you are also supporting the Non-profit organisation Mindzone, whose mission is to strengthen the well-being of children and young people through community and experiences of success. Mindzone works to equate mental health with physical health and offers mental strength training for all 10-19 year olds. Through a combination of mental and physical activities, participants in Mindzone become more aware of themselves, better at standing by themselves, and recognizing their strengths. Everyone has the right to self-esteem! That is why we donate 10.000 DKK + 15 DKK for every ticket sold. 

 Maybe you wanna add a little extra when you sign up?

Easy Explore

For beginners, children (accompanied by parents), and others who want to try a SUP race for the first time

Fun Explore

For intermediate paddlers and those who want to enjoy the atmosphere and community on the water

Pro Explore

For experienced to professional individuals looking to challenge themselves in a longer race


Wanna sign up: Club, company, bigger group?

What you get:

  • Exclusive event t-shirt from Danish Endurance
  • The energy boost from Rawbite
  • Professional event photographer capturing every moment
  • Entertainment zones along the course
  • Paddle world championship long-distance preview
  • Support boats, spotters & lifeguards ensuring safety
  • Join a vibrant community
  • Open to all SUP board types: Inflatable or hardboard (FUN Explore route recommended for inflatable boards, based on skills and fitness)
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Copenhagen Paddle Festival